Basic – but Powerful and best of all, FREE

The Basic version of DocuStor online archiving facility has no fancy bells and whistles, but it does what it says on the tin. Like hard copy filing, you assign a title to your document and put it away in a filing cabinet. Big difference is that it can’t be taken out and put back in the wrong place, just enter a keyword you recall is somewhere in the title and DocuStor displays a list of hits. Click on the chosen one to open it, then page through it, print it, email it, or fax it. Try doing that when someone has put a paper file away in the wrong cabinet – chances are it is lost forever.

But that’s not your only worry. You certainly don’t want every Tom, Dick and Harry seeing your documents. Fear not – we’ve provided a secure portal to ensure only those that should see them can – a lot less risk than someone sneaking into a filing area after hours and seeing something he shouldn’t.


Most users will only need to retrieve documents so the normal SEARCH USER can find the documents but CANNOT make any changes to them, nor add new ones. Both these and many more functions can be carried out by an ADMINISTRATOR and you can create as few or as many as you like – at no additional cost. There is a third class of user that doesn’t actually have access to documents – that’s the SUPERUSER who can create new users and administrators and modify permissions for existing ones.

What is more, DocuStor is designed to allow multiple input streams. You can outsource your backlog, then carry on with the ongoing until you have a spate of absences or a major increase in business which gives you more work than you can cope with. Then you can call us in again to pick up a batch of work while you carry on working with the new stuff, so you never fall behind. Need to find a document QUICK? It couldn’t be simpler – just enter a keyword and displays a list of hits. Click on one to open it, then page through it, print it, email it, or fax it. To see just how simple, click on the Demo tab above.

And best of all it won’t break the bank – DocuStor Basic is an SaaS (Software as a Service) product which means that you pay a modest monthly subscription and get the benefits straight away, WITH NO CAPITAL OUTLAY.


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