There is a bewildering plethora of scanners on the market from the low end costing from a few pounds and useless for anything but the occasional scan to the very high end with a matching price tag, that only a massive organisation could justify. Take out those two extremes and there is still, frankly, too much choice. We keep an eye on what’s out there and supply what we consider the best for a particular requirement, usually determined by volume. These are our three current selections (click on picture to download brochure):


There are often reasons why cloud storage is not considered suitable for a particular application – not least of which is company policy. We can supply a Dell server fully loaded with your ready-to-roll DocuStor application, or if you already have servers that can be used for the purpose, we can take one them and configure it to the same end. The stability of these servers is such they are virtually maintenance-free, and having a Linux platform means they are not at the mercy of frequent Microsoft Windows “upgrades”. (Click on picture to download brochure)