he law requires large quantities of data to be held on every person employed. Failure to produce any documentary evidence if required, can lead to massive damages and fines and detrimental publicity for the employer.

Unlike criminal law, you are guilty until proven innocent and if you can’t prove you made sufficient checks on someone whom you employed but had no right to be in the country, then YOU ARE GUILTY. If you dismiss an employee after numerous verbal and written warnings, and they take you to a tribunal, if you can’t prove you followed the correct procedure, then YOU ARE GUILTY. If an employee is injured operating a piece of equipment and you can’t prove you provided adequate training, then YOU ARE GUILTY.

So you keep everything, which takes up valuable office space and a lot of person-hours to find anything. And if a file has been taken out and not replaced or put back in the wrong place, it might never be found, which could spell disaster.

We’ve created a simple solution, DocuStorHR, which allows paperwork to be captured and retrieved electronically with better labour efficiency than paper files and makes documents quicker and easier to retrieve.

It is inextricably synchronised with your front line application so, for instance, a female employee gets married and you change the name on your computer system, the document archive is similarly updated. If your system will allow it, we can even provide a link so you are able to launch DocuStor and see the relevant documents without leaving your system.

DocuStorHR saves time, space, and a lot of sleepless nights.

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