DocuStor Capture


To Print or Not to Print . . .

If you have a document in electronic form, say an email or an Excel spreadsheet, do you print it out? Many emails have messages suggesting this is A BAD THING for the environment, but people do it nonetheless. And then the copy is scanned!

With DocuStor Capture, there is no excuse for this ludicrous behaviour. Just print to PDF, using the CutePDF Writer supplied, and it will save the resulting PDF in C:DocuStor (or whichever location is nominated as the default for upload to Docustor) with a unique filename.

Need to append comments to some documents before archiving? That’s no problem with the latest version of Adobe Reader – you can add comments, sticky notes, sketches and even signatures, before sending them to the cloud.

What is more, Capture is supplied as a FREE add-on with any version of DocuStor.


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