DocuStor Evo1

The basic version of DocuStor is suitable for most archiving needs but it does not address a common situation whereby a large number of case files exist to which documents are added over an indefinite period of time – known as EPISODIC files. These may, for instance, be customer files for a commercial organisation, property files for a local authority, membership files for a club or association, and so on.

Basic DocuStor allows free-text document titling and so the client name, account number or any other common identifier, could be entered each time a document was added, which could then be used as a search expression to display all documents relating to that subject. But this is a long-winded and irksome chore when the same information has to added over and over again There is also, too, the high probability of mis-keying leading to vital documents being difficult to find.

DocuStor Evo1 allows you to create searchable folders and it is only a matter of locating the right folder and dropping in a document, appropriately titled. What is more, it allows for up to four different independently searchable headings for each folder.


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