DocuStor Evo2

The basic version of is there for the basic archiving needs – simple file away and retrieve with minimal searchable data. Evo2 covers the multi-functional situation, for instance accounts filing, where there are sales invoices, purchase invoices, delivery notes, bank statements among others, each of which has different indexing requirements

Sales invoices would perhaps require invoice number and customer name; purchase invoices, system generated ID, supplier invoice number, supplier name; delivery notes, document number, invoice number and customer; bank statements, account number and date. The possibilities are endless, and it enables refinement of searches, for instance select a supplier and list all his invoices – too many to view to find the one we want, so then refine by specifying the month, which will reduce the number of hits to a manageable number.
Evo2 allows you to create volumes for each of the document types, each with its individual index field labels – up to four. These maybe format controlled, so a date field can only receive something that is a valid date. They can also be stepped in presentation up to the first two fields so that a search, say, on all
When a volume is selected either for adding documents or searching, the appropriately named fields appear to receive input, and when the first characters are entered, a prompt list appears making it even easier to find the right one, and eliminating errors.


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